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INCENTIVES / Conferences / Virtual Events / Events / Productions / Inbound DMC

SC Experiences

Incentives / CONFERENCES / Virtual Events / Events / Productions / Inbound DMC

SC Experiences

Incentives / Conferences / VIRTUAL EVENTSEvents / Productions / Inbound DMC

SC Experiences

Incentives / Conferences / Virtual Events / Events / PRODUCTIONS / Inbound DMC

SC Experiences

Incentives / Conferences / Virtual Events / Events / Productions / INBOUND DMC

SC Experiences


Experiences shape us. Memorable experiences leave a legacy.

SC Experiences are corporate legacy creators. We create the narratives that will be told, positioning both you and your brand as the central characters.


We offer you the collective skills of our professional experiences management team to inspire and execute:

spectacular corporate local and global travel,
authentic networking opportunities,
forward-thinking conferences, events and productions, and marvellous ideas and inventions, to foster your business relationships and brand.

Our extraordinary individuals pour every essence of your brand into each venture. We work intimately with your business and provide a full range of services that achieve excellence:

Virtual Events & Events

People love interactive and engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Our virtual events are accessible, user-friendly and customisable, allowing us to connect you with your guests, whether you are hosting 2 VIP’s or educating 5000 delegates. Our secure, reliable platform ensures a professional and stable connection whether you want to live stream, present a pre-recorded video or even just chat.

Additional functionality includes virtual note taking, live Q&A sessions, virtual entertainment, participant challenges (with actual prizes) and a touch of 3D! Let us help you stay connected!

Our sophisticated events both display and boast about your products/ services with panache and style. Our focus continually stays on what you want your takeaways to be, so that your key messages become the remarkable, unforgettable stars.


A narrative is fundamental to constructing the personality of a business.

We brilliantly bring together all corporate show productions elements: from scripting to talent acquisition to digital content, and are also responsible for the flawless execution for stage and media productions. Our shows are as magnificent as they are memorable.


People want to feel appreciated for exceeding expectations.

Accordingly, we plan cherished incentive programmes that assist in uniting people within companies. Our outstanding and meticulously planned trips are treasured long after they end. These journeys especially show gratitude to all levels of staff and management, ultimately boosting business productivity and activity.


Wisdom builds strong networks and fosters relationships.

Building a robust platform for the powerful sharing of knowledge is made easy by our team that is well versed in the art of creating conferences. We also carefully nurture each member of your team – from planning stages to design to accommodation.

Inbound Destination Management

South Africa has it all: breathtakingly beautiful scenery, sublime sunsets, vast wildlife, awe-inspiring mountains, life-giving rivers and award-winning beaches, plus it offers diverse cultural experiences and Ubuntu. We work directly with you and employ our local expertise to design and implement a variety of appropriate local events, activities, tours, and transportation and programme logistics.

SC Experiences


SC Experiences is a specialised group of tourism experts dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating meetings, conferences, incentives and events. We encompass every component of our client’s requirements with flair and dedication. If  you’re company is looking to organise a group outing for your company’s employees, or you want to organise a big conference or event, or maybe a small corporate meeting focused on the latest innovations in your field, our team can help you book your itinerary.


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Let’s Create Together


The most important aspect of creating an event, ceremony or meeting is working together as a team so we can create something unique and special.